4 Early-Stage Decentralized Social Media Platforms To Join Now.

Here are 4 Early-stage Web3 Social Media Platforms That You Didn’t Know About!

‘Blockchain-based social media’ as a crypto niche hasn’t bloomed yet. However, it will eventually become the most sought-after niche in crypto.

It is important to monitor the evolution of the Web3 social media platforms featured below and start a journey upon them early.

Indeed, the adoption of decentralized social media platforms have struggled, generally due to scalability issues and the lack of blockchains that are purpose-built for social media but these solutions are in the making.

Hive @hiveblocks & Steemit for instance, are built on blockchains that have 3-second block settlement and 0 fees. 

I have also noticed that two of the four featured social media platforms are building on the Near protocol @NEARProtocol. Perhaps, Near fixes scalability. 

Then passively, I have come across Aptos @AptosLabs and Sui @mysten_labs chains, both of which are based on a programming language called ‘Move’, a programming language specifically built to scale.

Amongst EVMs, the fastest chain I have interacted with is Velas @VelasBlockchain

Blockchains fit for social media are in the making.

In effect, I decided to survey the cryptosphere once again to seek out projects in the niche of ‘decentralized social media’ and I have four of them which I am featuring below. 

(Note that I found crypto organically via the search engines and my first interaction with crypto was out of a decentralized social media platform called @steemit.

Here are 4 Early-stage Web3 Social Media Platforms That You Didn’t Know About:

Niche Club @NicheProtocol: This community-based social media platform is still in private beta. 

It appears to be building on the Near blockchain and is spearheaded by @XtopherPaul (Tinder cofounder, Bumble co-creator) and @okzaven. At the moment, you can only join via a waitlist.

Authenticity (@authencity_io): This a decentralized social media platform building on ETH. 

Upon joining, you get a unique ID, which enables you to interact with the platform. On it you can post, turn content into NFTs, sell your content etc. 

You can also earn $AUTH. It is invite-only but you can sign up with my invite code: AXPGVOL

Connect3 @connect3world: Is a multichain web3 social media platform. On it, you can post content, sell your content as NFTs etc. 

This is one of the Web3 social media platforms that has incorporated the Near blockchain.

Peepeth: It is an older Web3 social media platform based on #ethereum but I still consider it ‘early-stage’. You can earn #ETH on it.

This one had @vitalik using it. 

See image:

peepeth vitalik decentraliized social media platform

See video coverage of Niche Club:

See my video cover of Connect3:


See my video coverage of Authenticity:

See my video coverage of Peepeth:


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