All You Need Know About Linagee OG Domain Names?

Linagee domains names has the potential of flipping ENS domains as the staple domain name registrar on Ethereum especially because of its narrative.

It has been verified to be the first domain names registrar on Ethereum dating back to 2015 associated with Linagee, a popular/veteran programmer who explored smart contracts and NFTs early on in Ethereum's timeline.

The contract behind Linagee Name Registrar was uncovered recently and was found to be interactable with, leading to the advent of several UI enabling users to now buy .OG domains.

In this publication, I will be unveiling some of the tools available that enables you to purchase your own LNS or .OG domain incase they gain as much virality as did ENS.

The videos enlisted below are all that you will need to understand and access your own Linagee OG domains:

Is Linagee Domain Registrar Bigger Than ENS? Is LNS The Next Trend In Web3 Domains?


Have You Got A Linagee .og Domain? The Oldest Domain Registrar On Ethereum. Can LNS Flip ENS Domains?


How To Buy Linagee .OG Domain Name Before It Goes Viral?


How To Check The List Of Linagee .OG Domain Names You Have Successfully Bought?


How To List Your Unwrapped Linagee .OG Domains For Sale. What Is The LNS Price Floor?


How To Wrap Linagee .OG Domain Names & List Then On Opensea?


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