Can Crypto Truly Be Decentralized Ever?

Not entirely because the true basis for decentralization is ‘peer-to-peer humans’ and many humans of this generation quite prefer to be captured in a rat race by bulls or bears as they attempt to pursue whale-hood leaving the route that returns them to full-blown human-hood, that human that was in the limitless image of the Creator Jehovah.
Note that a large measure of decentralization existed in the African systems but began to be lost generation after generation. Per subsequent generation there became a fading in greatness as more and more influenced they became by influences from what is an illusionary west; a painted world.
Crypto isn’t just existing, it has existed before it was created; in the down-to-earth spaces of Africa it existed.
Whoever created crypto today made a mistake if they think they have created a tool for the west, for crypto is African.
Understanding the dynamics of Africa especially of Nigeria, only then can they take crypto to a surpassinggoogle-level of limitlessness. However today, not even Africans understand Africa.
I am @surpassinggoogle.


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