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rarest crypto offers on web3

Did you know that you can have your own crypto-related YouTube channel irrespective of your crypto-savviness? Are you crypto-savvy but have no idea where to start with creating crypto-related videos of your own? 

I will freshly create up to 500 videos (covering 500 relevant cryptocurrency subjects) that you can upload to your YouTube and other social media channels. Instead of scouring the internet for generic scattered crypto-information, you now have a collection of purpose-built crypto-related videos that you can learn from, have others learn from, and build an entire crypto enterprise from.

There is more…

From 500 such videos, you can clip out some 2000 reels or shorts. Now, imagine what you can accomplish with such a rich content-base. Not only can you dominate the evolutionary ‘crypto’ niche with viral YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Quora, Tiktok videos, you can generate traffic to your existing enterprises or your crypto/NFT projects whenever you create them. Imagine what you can accomplish with 2,000 educational crypto-related videos linking to your affiliate campaigns, websites or products!

Did you also know that by publishing your crypto-related videos on certain Web3 social-media platforms, you can earn crypto without buying it? As part of the package, I will reveal Web3 social-media platforms whereupon you can publish your videos to earn free crypto.

You have it all...

Pick Any Of These Offers

  • I will freshly create 500 videos covering 500 relevant crypto subjects. (Price = 500$)
  • I will freshly create 250 videos covering 250 relevant crypto subjects. (Price = 300$) 
  • I will freshly create 10 videos covering 10 relevant crypto subjects. (Price = 50$)
  • I will freshly create 50 videos covering 50 relevant crypto subjects. (Price = 150$)
  • I will freshly create 200 video shorts/reels about 200 crypto tools/Dapps. (Price = 100$)
  • I will freshly create 1000 video shorts/reels about 1000 crypto tools/DAPPs. (Price = 1000$)

Let’s Proceed

Send an email to ‘’ indicating the package you have selected and I will respond with a list containing 800 crypto-related topics that I have developed. (I have divided these 800 topics into sub-topics to make easier for you to make your selection)

Next, inform me of which topics you have selected (up to 500) and I will get to work. 

  • I will deliver 500 freshly-made crypto-related videos in 12 days.
  • I will deliver 250 freshly-made crypto-related videos in 8 days.
  • I will deliver 10 freshly-made crypto-related videos in 2 days.
  • I will deliver 200 freshly-made crypto-related reels/shorts in 5 days.
  • I will deliver 1000 freshly-made crypto-related videos in 12 days.

Note: You can request faster delivery for an additional fee!

You May Also Be Interested In These Rare Crypto Offers.

  • I Will Appear On Your YouTube Channel To Cover 500 Crypto-Related Topics - Starts At 0$.
  • Learn Crypto Fast, In A Way That Enables You Build Your Crypto Project - Starts At 50$.
  • I Will Review Your Crypto/NFT Project (Tokenomics, Whitepaper, Narrative) - Starts At 50$.
  • I Will Give You Advisory On How To Enhance Your Existing Crypto/NFT Project - Starts At 50$.
  • I Will Work With You To Conceptualize, Model, Develop Your Crypto/NFT Project - Starts At 50$.
  • I Will Assist You In Formulating, Evolving, Documenting Your Project Paper - Starts At 50$.
  • I Will Share Advisory On Incorporating Crypto/NFTs Into Your Non-Crypto Projects - Starts At 50$.
  • I Will Carry Out Due Diligence On Your Choice Crypto/NFT Projects - Starts At 50$.
  • I Will Share Advisory On Fundraising Options For Your Crypto/NFT Project - Starts at 50$.
  • Let Us Do An AMA Livestream About Your Crypto/NFT Project - Starts At 0$.

Contact ‘’ for the exact pricing of any of the packages in this latter category. All prices are negotiable. 

For serious participants, I can offer these services at a price that is cheaper than free. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's talk via +639210779436 (Whatsapp).


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