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It is now time. It is all set up now. You can now learn about Web3 effectively, faster than others, and earn cryptocurrency all at once.

Crypto is at the basis of Web3, a more advanced version of the internet that you can't interact with without a cryptocurrency wallet.

For instance, did you know that you can now sell your NFTs right on Instagram or Facebook, or that you can earn cryptocurrency on Reddit, or that Google now earns crypto by running a blockchain node on Solana? Well, did you know that Facebook has developed a cryptocurrency wallet called "Novi"?

Did you also know that there is currently an airdrop season across Web3b?

In a recent airdrop administered by Aptos (a new blockchain), $200 million was shared among 110k users. Some users earned up to $28,000 in this particular airdrop event.

I did help many people earn that airdrop and helped them troubleshoot when they couldn’t claim their airdrop. These are people that I don’t know.

Would you like to see evidence of this? See the comment section of this video:

I prefer to help you instead—you, whom I can get to know. Considering my weak health, I would like to get to know and help 100 people. Together, let's undertake the special journey of "surpassing Google with crypto".

I didn’t earn much myself from the aforementioned airdrop event, likely because I was helping others (random people) earn in a fast-paced and evolving crypto space.

This was the video tutorial that contained the eligibility steps that were used in the Aptos airdrop distribution:

In this subsequent video, you will notice me spending 30 minutes struggling to troubleshoot the steps for eligibility in another airdrop so that the public doesn't have to struggle with these steps themselves:

Now, just before we proceed, look at this video about an older airdrop that many earned by following the steps in one of my videos and see their reactions in the comment as evidence that they indeed earned free crypto.

I have done too much of these things, with 19k crypto-related posts and 1500 videos. I have done these things despite my weak health and 24/7 pains. Well, I have done a lot of troubleshooting too, perhaps for thousands of people.

I have a discord channel with 4500 subscribers whereupon I used to be active but whereupon I am now effective.

It is time to be effective now. I will love to work with only 100 people, and together, we will now move in unison.

In the first weeks, you will have learned crypto faster than most veterans while taking all the practical steps that will position you for eligibility in upcoming airdrop events.

Considering that learning is the ultimate form of earning, you will also earn crypto. Most importantly, I will be revealing the untold elements of crypto—things about crypto that aren’t documented in the books. (I have even documented the very first crypto no-book)

I will also be able to troubleshoot any crypto, NFT, or Web3 issues that you have more effectively and actively.

Web3 and crypto advances faster than Web2 and money, and you will struggle to keep up. 

In contrast, I can traverse up to a hundred crypto projects a day and ensure that you are in tune with the associated handy info.

Altogether, the knowledge you will gather from this lowly-looking journey with the person of surpassinggoogle is some of the most empowering limitless knowledge, perhaps more powerful than typical school knowledge because crypto is public in nature, and by interacting with it you will be uncovering the truest state of the world on the back of information associated with millions of peer-to-peer humans.

You will not be the same if you take up this journey with me, and I tell you, in weeks we will begin to surpass Google.

You will be elevated to levels of limitlessness at the very least with respect to the capacity of your mind’s eye, and do you know who is telling you these things? Someone who is en route to surpassinggoogle.

Let’s go.

  • Simply obtain an NFT from the UloggersTV NFT collection, which contains 100 NFTs currently.
  • By having this NFT, you will be able to access a gated community where the motion begins.
  • Obtain your NFT here:
  • After you have got your NFT, contact me via

Here is a tutorial to show you how to obtain your NFT with crypto or FIAT:

In the course of obtaining that NFT, you will already have started learning how Web3 works and the role of your cryptocurrency wallet in the formulation of Web3. You will also begin to understand that crypto isn’t money as you will have begun to discover other utilities of crypto.

Now, if you get stuck in the course of obtaining your NFT, contact

Note that your NFT is your possession forever except you sell it or transfer to another person which you can do. It is a utility NFT and it gives you access to many amazing perks. Ideally, hold on to it.

Learn about the perks associated with the UloggersTV here.


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