Iguverse Incentivized Testnet - Airdrop Confirmed?

Iguverse Incentivized Testnet - Airdrop Confirmed? How To Beta Test Iguverse Move2earn App?


Use invite code: J08ONCI5. Sign up to test Iguverse on IOS (https://testflight.apple.com/join/aZzsUbV9), for Android (https://play.google.com/apps/internaltest/4701506312804558866) or PC (https://t.co/K9WeV3JaU8).

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Primex Finance - Confirmed Incentivized Testnet Airdrop, Potential Zksync Airdrop - Tutorial.

Step 1: Connect to Primex here: https://app.primex.finance/referral-program?refId=0x6902d77965f78662441a628d66afd891aaa4feaff859b807b873e8c7b020493364cad6fe17c3029d3cc676d25af6355265e95e3f6dfabe4c37ffa338ac60830e1b

Step 2: Carry out some transactions on Primex follow the steps here: https://youtu.be/SiCZjOePlBc

Step 3: Fill this form: https://primexfinance.typeform.com/to/UDnZxL8x?typeform-source=primex.finance

Step 4: Get your early user role on the Primex discord:


Ongoing airdrops:

  • Earn Free $EMT Tokens, An Upcoming 10x Web3 Project offering decentralized emailing. Sign up here: https://ethermail.io/?afid=63438e0a6393391ec9c5e109
  • Join the $ZETA airdrop campaign here and earn 5000 Zeta points:
  • https://labs.zetachain.com/leaderboard?code=TZerxpzANiVonJR8Xk4I-
  • Sign up for early access to Primal here: https://vrlps.co/j3o8v40/cp
  • Step App is finally entering beta phase Oct 13, prepare for early access by sign up here:
  • https://app.step.app?r=JJFP845N
  • Find $BLUR airdrop details here:
  • https://twitter.com/UloggersTV/status/1583830302220513280

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