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Hello, SurpassingGooglers and UloggersTV NFT Holders! Thank you for being here and for participating in this grand world-adjusting movement.

We will be starting out slowly in a rapidly advancing cryptosphere. This is to put us in a position to move quickly and effectively in due time.

Overall, our goal here is to move in unison until, for the first time, all 100 NFT holders on their way to full-fledged humanhood become p2p humans and then begin to move in unison. In all eventualities, the world will hear from us as we become generation fixers.

I am still uncovering the tools we will need to be effective in our movement. We will have to adopt a mentality of using decentralized tools in conjunction with the conventional tools that we are familiar with, so that we are always connected. I have to be able to reach our community with timely notifications without the restriction of censorship.

Kindly sign up to your web3 email portal here:

By signing up, you also earn free crypto, a cryptocurrency called EMC that is yet to be launched.

To connect to your Ethermail inbox and explore all its features, you will need a metamask wallet. If you are new to metamask, kindly see this video:

In the cryptosphere, timeliness is perhaps the most salient factor. Indeed, many times, the difference between a 100x opportunity and a 0x opportunity is timeliness. As such, always stay in touch with our community. Be vested in it on your own volition.

I will recommend you get a good PC and perhaps a good desktop for spirituality's sake. You won’t lose!

The spirituality element in crypto is untold. I will be informing you of these untolds in a timely manner.

Yes, we can’t be “too physical” in our undertakings in life and in crypto. There isn’t much power there.

As aforementioned, I am still exploring and uncovering some of the tools that we will need to ensure the effectiveness of our movement. We will need a DAO for a measure of governance, a gated content portal where we can post content and develop research content in unison, and a decentralized push notification portal at the very least.

While I am still seeking out these tools, you can share your suggestions too.

At the outset, we will try out multiple options for the sake of improving our learning, then we will streamline our set of tools.

In effect, you have to be vested in this movement for effectiveness sake. For instance, in the event that I am not able to reach us all individually with salient crypto updates, you may need to visit our content portal yourself to seek this info.

In the near future, as much as you source out information from Google, you will have the option of seeking out information from another breed of search engine called "surpassinggoogle," where the content base is made of ulogs instead of blogs or vlogs, produced by P2P humans.

Did you know that during the course of our union here, we will cover 1,000 crypto-related topics in practice? While learning about crypto via this means, we will uncover even the untold elements of crypto while being well-positioned for crypto opportunities such as airdrops.

Did you also know that I have developed these 1000 crypto-related topics? 

Our eventual goal is to actually surpass Google by inclining everyone towards building their own limitless (surpassinggoogle-level) crypto or NFT projects.

When the time comes to fully realize your projects, you will have a solid arm to enable matters, a fully-functional Macrohard venture comprised of brother-programmers, a solid base of 100 peer-to-peer humans, open-source code bases from which to begin building your projects, a search engine ( to rank your content, and UloggersTV to propagate your projects.

Proceeds from the NFTs will be used to fully set up and launch a Macrohard hub in the Philippines, which will host brotherly-talent, particularly brother-programmers.

Don’t have any reservations with regards to bringing people into our community. Passionately implore them to get the UloggersTV NFT, the most valuable NFT in crypto. There are only 95 NFTs left out of 100.

They can’t lose, for at the very least, while their NFT is a tangible collectible in itself, inscribed with world-adjusting secrets, it also constitutes a utility NFT that gives them access to a community of 100 p2p humans, a community that would incite them to evolve and advance in their learning courtesy of the knowledge in the no-books, and learning is the ultimate earning.

PS:We want to move in unison, we want to have a support system, and we want to play an active role in historical history, so we will try to ensure at least 20 percent participation in every activity that we introduce before we proceed to the next. This means that if we have 100 community members, we attain more effective success when at least 20 of them are active participants.

In due time, we can have a DAO put in place to decide on iterations of the aforementioned percentage value, a DAO where NFT holders can participate in voting on decisions.

When we now all have a base knowledge of crypto, we will begin to generate new-found crypto-based ulogs to uncover crypto and disrupt the space. We will also research crypto in unison, and whenever someone has an independent project to research, we can now all take an active part in a community-based due diligence process via DAO voting.

Let’s pause here!

@surpassinggoogle whether bulls or bears.


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