Learn About Crypto/NFTs In A Day.

If you are new to cryptocurrency, I can help you speed up your crypto/NFT knowledge drastically in as simple as one conversation. 

Within one conversation, you will understand the dynamics among thousands of cryptocurrencies and interact with several blockchains, in such a way that enables you to create your own crypto/NFT project.

I have developed 800 topics that are especially modeled to speed up your crypto-knowledge and quickly put you above crypto-veterans. 

The featured topics capture even the unconventional/untold aspects of crypto and incline you towards creating your very own crypto/NFT project rather than investing in cryptocurrencies

Can You Really Learn About Crypto In One Day?


I will simply enhance your awareness about the inner workings of the crypto space, good and bad. This will empower you with the necessary mentality, poise and intuition to navigate the cryptosphere without getting lost.

Rather than spend ages seeking scattered generic information about an evolutionary crypto niche, you can now learn about crypto faster than others; in one day!

The Crypto Path?

  • Establish that ‘cryptocurrency is not money’.
  • Adjust the general ROI-centric mentality associated with crypto.
  • Prepare you for navigating the cryptosphere & interacting with Web3 tools. 
  • Prepare you for earning your first cryptocurrency/NFT. 
  • Show you how to spend/utilize your first cryptocurrency.
  • Intimate you on how to identify 100x crypto projects. 
  • Walk you through the process of creating your own cryptocurrency/NFT project.
  • Walk you through the process of incorporating crypto into your non-crypto projects.

Session Duration?

  • A 3 Hour Livestream Session (1 hour = AMA)


  • I will walk you through the process of earning your first free cryptocurrency.
  • I will keep you up-to-date with the evolution of my crypto projects. (See my projects)
  • I will stay in touch with you for your troubleshooting or advisory needs.


  • For a livestream session via UloggersTV (YouTube); price = 50$
  • For a private live video session via Zoom, price = 100$

Are You Ready? 

Kindly send an email to 'uloggerstv@gmail.com' indicating your interest or contact me via +639210779436 (Whatsapp). Let us set up a convenient appointment for our live video session.

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  • I will freshly create 500 videos covering 500 relevant crypto subjects. (Price = 500$)
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  • I will freshly create 50 videos covering 50 relevant crypto subjects. (Price = 150$)
  • I will freshly create 200 video shorts/reels about 200 crypto tools/Dapps. (Price = 100$)
  • I will freshly create 1000 video shorts/reels about 1000 crypto tools/DAPPs. (Price = 1000$)
  • I’ll Appear On Your YouTube Channel To Discuss Crypto-Related Topics - Starts At 0$.
  • I’ll Review Your Crypto/NFT Project (Tokenomics, Whitepaper, Narrative) - Starts At 50$.
  • I’ll Give You Advisory On How To Enhance Your Existing Crypto/NFT Project - Starts At 50$.
  • I’ll Work With You To Conceptualize, Model, Develop Your Crypto/NFT Project - Starts At 50$.
  • I’ll Assist You In Formulating, Evolving, Documenting Your Project Paper - Starts At 50$.
  • I’ll Share Advisory On Incorporating Crypto/NFTs Into Your Non-Crypto Projects - Starts At 50$.
  • I Will Carry Out Due Diligence On Your Choice Crypto/NFT Projects - Starts At 50$.
  • I’ll Share Advisory On Fundraising Options For Your Crypto/NFT Project - Starts at 50$.
  • Let Us Do An AMA Livestream About Your Crypto/NFT Project - Starts At 0$.

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