Most In-depth Aptos $APT Airdrop Claim Troubleshooting.

Most in-depth Aptos airdrop claim troubleshooting. Many have been helped!!!

aptos airdrop claim fix

If you have the Aptos Zero NFT and you have been able to claim, don't quit.

It can be fixed.

Just follow the steps highlighted below closely.

I have divided the different troubleshooting scenarios into 4 categories.

You should fall in one of the 4 categories.

If you still encounter issues and a video tutorial, send a message to request a recorded video or explore the playlist for Aptos on UloggersTV.

Category 1: You have signed in to the claim page with a different account than you did when you minted the zero NFT.

Now, first off, you need to be established on the account you sign up with.

In my case, upon attempting to claim the Airdrop, I was not eligible.

This was because I actually signed in with discord on the day of minting the NFT.

Figuring this out, I disconnected google and signed in with discord.

But how do you fully disconnect google from the Aptos claim page?

Simply go to the top right area of your browser and click on the padlock icon.

Next, click on site settings.

Then, clear data and reset permissions.

See these images:


After the simple steps above, refresh the page and it will return to the sign in page.

This time sign in with the right google email or discord and you will now be eligible to claim the Aptos airdrop.

Category 2: You realized that you claimed the zero NFT with discord and you have now signed in correctly with discord but you can't add your email.

Now, in this category, you have successfully signed but upon trying to create an account with your email address, it decline your email on the indication that your email is associated with an account.

Okay, you have tried to add another email but you haven't received the verification that allows you to complete your email update and thus, you can't proceed to claim.

There is a work around.

Simply, click on your profile thumbnail at top right area of page and you will find a 'connections' tab.

Now connect your new google account after which you can reload the claim page.

Upon doing this, the page would have updated, inviting you to claim your Aptos.

Category 3: You are not eligible because you may have listed your Zero NFT on some NFT marketplace e.g Bluemove in your attempt to target the bluemove airdrop.

Now, in the course of listing your NFT on an NFT marketplace, you no longer have possession of it. You actually send it out of your wallet into a smart contract.

Note that Aptos will only give the airdrop to the original wallet that minted the Zero NFT.

In this scenario, simply delist the Zero NFT from the NFT marketplace in question so that it returns to your wallet.

After doing this, reload the claim page and try signing again but I will recommend that you clear cookies and cache, reset permissions before you attempt to sign in as the browser saves your previous sessions and you may still be ineligible.

If you are still ineligible after all this. Use a new browser e.g mozilla, brave, opera etc and install an Aptos wallet there, import the wallet that has the zero nft onto the new browser and try sign in again.

If this doesn't work. Try a brand new email that you have never used to start the sign in process again.

Category 4: You have the zero testnet NFT and you have tried all steps above to no effect.

Seek out an email that you have never used with the claim page or create a brand new one.

Start the sign in process afresh preferrable on a new browser that you haven't used before. You can also use a VPN to adjust your IP.

Based on people I have helped, it looks like Aptos has knowledge of IPs and it quite difficult to refresh the state of your browser by simply clearing cache, cookies and resetting permissions.

If everything doesn't work, message me to request a video resource.

Bottom-line, don't quit.

See this video too:


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