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My email: or Whatsapp: +639210779436

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Ongoing Airdrops:

Earn free $ENERGY, the reward token on Primal app before it launches. πŸ“š Use referral code: ➑️ 14Q4ZOOY πŸ“š Download Primal app here: ➑️, for IOS and Android. (Without referral code, you earn 30% less)

πŸ“š Download Wildcash and earn free crypto instantly: ➑️

πŸ”¬ Earn Free $EMT Tokens, An Upcoming 10x Web3 Project offering decentralized emailing. Sign up here: ➑️

πŸ’³ Join the $ZETA testnet airdrop campaign here: ➑️

πŸ’° Earn Mises airdrop. Download Mises browser here: ➑️

πŸ’³ Connect to Primex here: ➑️ and follow the steps here: ➑️

Currently early DAPP access opportunities πŸ’±: πŸ’° Get Early Access To SportsGG, a VR Metaverse App & Earn Free GG Points Daily! ➑️

πŸ’° Get early access to Gummys and earn Gummys before it launches. Gummy is a video sharing app that pays you for watching videos. ➑️

πŸ“š Sign up for early access to Arkham intelligence here: ➑️

πŸ’° Get early access to Phaver! ➑️

πŸ’° Get early access to Blocksurvey, a web3 forms creation portals with AI integration for everyone. Sign up ➑️

Get early access to IGUVerse and start earning IGUP before launch: πŸ’³ Use invite code➑️ J08ONCI5. Sign up here: πŸ’° Get early access to Blocksurvey, a web3 forms creation portals with AI integration for everyone.

Centralized Exchanges to sign up on:

πŸ‘• Sign up to Okx and win mystery box: ➑️

πŸ‘• Sign up to Bybit to copytrade: ➑️

πŸ‘• Trade on BINANCE. ➑️

πŸ‘• Binance for USA residents. ➑️

πŸ‘• Coinbase for USA and all locations. ➑️

Decentralized Exchanges to use:

🧐 Join GMX, a perpetual dex on arbitrum! ➑️

🧐 Join Metavault, a perpetual dex on Polygon. ➑️

Lucrative Crypto Staking:

βš™οΈ Sign up on to earn up to 14.5% On Stable Coins. ➑️

πŸ”¬ Sign up on Pillow Fund to earn up to 20% APY. Use invite code: 3A2NZL. ➑️



Donate Crypto: ➑️ surpassinggoogle.eth

Donate Paypal: ➑️



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