Push Protocol, One Of The Biggest Web3 Projects

Push protocol formally catered to #ethereum push notifications.


It now has the framework for push notifications across any chain.

Beyond notifications, it can now pull off messaging.

Decentralized notifications and message wallet to wallet.

The narrative is now way stronger and a blatant rebranding has taken place.

$PUSH has a good entry point and is better posed for an uptrend.

Did you know that you can receive #ens notifications right on your phone about your expiring domains?

And, the team behind Push protocol

Have kept on building with almost a year of history.

Contagious inspiration.

Well, do well to leave them an inspirational tweet. It will be timely.

And get some $PUSH too. 

You can support their evolution by staking the Push token while earning yield.

Many projects have incorporated Push protocol, to push timely notifications to their communities.

With more effect, they can reach their communities directly.

On this basis, the Push app is now a hub for some of the most socially active and building Web3 projects.

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