This Is How To Learn Crypto Faster Than Others; In 1 day.

This is how to learn crypto faster than others and in 1 day.

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Start your venture into crypto via a decentralized social media application instead of via DEFI.

Doing so will enable you to instantly realize the beauty of crypto and its role in the formation of a newer, more advanced internet; Web3.

It will also eliminate the ROI-centric mentality and narrative associated with crypto.

You may need this quick mentality adjustment to traverse the crypto space fast.

Alas, by virtue of your interactions on these decentralized social media platforms you can earn your first cryptocurrency. 

More importantly, you are surrounded by peer-to-peer humans and a peer-to-peer populace is a more advanced populace.

If you are struggling to find a list of decentralized social media platforms to begin your crypto journey on, send me an email via '' or contact '+639210779436' (WhatsApp).

Now that you have started your crypto journey on a few decentralized social media platforms, you will begin to learn about the mechanics of cryptocurrency, DAPPs, blockchains, even NFTs without even trying.

Very early on, during your sign process, you have begun to envision the dynamics of web3 and the essence of cryptocurrency in formulation of Web3.

For perhaps the first time, you would have interacted with a web application that didn’t require third party authorization, a luxury now possible by virtue of your cryptocurrency wallet.

Very quickly, you will grasp the narrative ‘crypto is not money’.

Upon trying to cash out first crypto earnings (assuming you decide to), you will have had your first financial interaction with a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. 

Whenever you create content or reply to an author, you would have published or deployed your creation onto an underlying blockchain.

Depending on which blockchain that respective DAPP is built on, this wallet could be metamask or trustwallet.

Indeed, by virtue of your social and financial interactions within these social media DAPPs, you would have begun to understand the mechanics and relationship among blockchain, DAPPs and cryptocurrency. In the midst of these all, contextually, you will have understood 10s of similar blockchains too.

For instance, if your vote or reply on this social media DAPP settles in 3 seconds, you will know that the block interval of its underlying blockchain is ‘3 seconds’. If there were no transaction fees involved per social/financial transaction, you will know that this blockchain has 0 fees. Perhaps, this blockchain was built specially for social media?

Speaking of decentralized social media platforms, If you are able to find a decentralized social media platform that is crypto-centric, even better.

Even passively, you will start coming across timely information related to cryptocurrency.

Courtesy of your presence within this type of ever-iterating cryptosphere, your intuition, poise and awareness within the crypto space sharpens and this is necessary if you are to advance in your crypto knowledge faster than others.

If you don’t know where to find crypto-centric social media DAPPs, send me an email via '' or contact '+639210779436' (WhatsApp)..

What is more important than all these that will help you learn about crypto faster than others? Contact me, let us do a 2-hour livestream session where we discuss crypto. I have developed some 800 topics so far, specially-crafted to enable you to learn about crypto faster than others and in 1 day.

I will teach you about thousands of cryptocurrencies, hundreds of blockchains & thousands of NFTs in one session and in such a way that enables you to create your own cryptocurrency projects rather than just invest in cryptocurrency.

Don’t worry about NFTs. As you learn about cryptocurrencies, contextually you will have learned about NFTs too and thousands of NFTs. 

An NFT is a token as well. It has slightly different traits from a crypto token but altogether, it is a child of cryptocurrency and it is transacted by humans.

The fastest way of learning about crypto is by learning about life and humans. However, if you already have an understanding of life and humans, you will advance in your crypto-knowledge very fast.

I tell you, in crypto you need speed. 

Even if a 1000x is the sole reason that you are venturing into crypto, many times the difference between a 1000x and 10x in crypto is ‘composed speed’.

Intuition, awareness, poise, timeliness, spirituality, evolution; you will need these human virtues.

As such, you will need to make use of blockchain, crypto, NFTs as tools to ‘mine your human’.


See this video for additional context on how to learn crypto faster than others:



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