UloggersTV NFT Collection - The Most Valuable NFTs In Crypto.

The UloggersTV NFT Collection.

There are currently only 100 NFTs in the UloggersTV NFT collection, and this may remain the case over the course of time.

Our scarce model? "Peer-to-peer humans".

These NFTs are the most valuable NFTs in the cryptosphere as they relegate the position of bulls or bears in the cryptosphere to elevate P2P humans instead.

Indeed, among p2p humans, money should constitute "the smaller things."

Let us see where 100 peer-to-peer humans can reach within a few months by moving as a unit.

I implore you to obtain one or more of these NFTs now, one for you and the others for your friends.

Note: These NFTs are connected to the UloggersTV YouTube channel, its evolution, and its movement. UloggersTV currently has 5,184 subscribers.

Utilities Of The UloggersTV NFT.

Owning a UloggersTV gives you access to a gated community containing a maximum of 100 people.

Here are some benefits of joining the UloggersTV private community:


  • Access empowering crypto tools and information.
  • Uncover crypto earning opportunities (airdrops, fairdrops, teardrops) as a unit.
  • Uncover 100x crypto/NFTs as a unit.
  • Build crypto projects as a unit.
  • Propagate your crypto projects on UloggersTV.
  • Troubleshoot crypto as a unit.
  • Brainstorm crypto solutions as a unit.
  • Understudy crypto projects together.
  • Access @surpassinggoogle freely for troubleshooting and project building.
  • Feature on UloggersTV to discuss crypto, project building, promotion etc.
  • Access the DAO.


What We Will Accomplish Together Fast?

Irrespective of your crypto-savviness, by owning a UloggersTV NFT, you’ll have access to tools and portals that position you to learn crypto fast. You will learn even the untold secrets of crypto, knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else.

As learning is the ultimate form of earning, you will also earn cryptocurrency.

  • Together, we will attempt to uselessify money.
  • Together, we will earn a lot of cryptocurrency.
  • Together, we will create cryptocurrencies.
  • Together, we will ulog about crypto.
  • Together, we will create surpassinggoogle-level crypto/NFT projects.
  • Together, we will learn about crypto faster than others through practice.
  • Together, we will troubleshoot crypto.
  • Together, we will excavate all the 100x opportunities in crypto.
  • Together, we will uncover the beauty of cryptocurrency.
  • Together, we will adjust the world.
  • Together, we will become p2p humans.

Simply purchase your NFT once and have access to empowering tools, tangible information, and me.

Getting Started.

  • Obtain your UloggersTV NFT. (There are a total of 100 NFTs in the collection).
  • Contact uloggerstv@gmail.com
  • Access our gated discord and telegram (only accessible by 100 people).
  • Actively participate in the opportunities and events revealed daily.

We will create activities daily that exposes you to hidden crypto and world opportunities, activities that incite your to mine your human, activities 

Did You Know?

  • I documented the first crypto no-book.
  • I have created 1,000 crypto/NFT topics that we will cover together in practice.
  • We will evolve, develop, and build world-adjusting projects together.
  • Even if you paid for your NFT once, it has an evolutionary range of world-adjusting utilities.
  • You can also sell your NFT or transfer it to another person.
  • Together, we will surpass google.

Become A Crypto No-book Holder.

You can also learn about crypto fast from a crypto no-book. Get a paperback copy of the first crypto no-book in existence here.


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