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@surpassinggoogle Is Here For You.

If you didn't know, a near-term time will arrive when everyone who uses today's internet will have to venture into Web3, a newer internet. You can get ahead of the masses by learning about crypto now. @surpassinggoogle is here to help!

Send your inquiries by filling up this form. Whether your are interested in our packages, a custom package or are simply making an inquiry pertaining to crypto/blockchain, kindly fill this form.

In the message box, indicate what aspect of crypto/blockchain you are interested in, what package you want to avail of or what your custom needs are and I will respond to you with your best options.

If you would like a cheaper than free package, feel free to contact me too as 'money is the smaller things'

If you are in Manila and would like to visit with me in person, you can visit the 'Macrohard Hub' at 2 TLR, Fast-track Rd, Barangay Moonwalk, Paranaque.


Or Via +639210779436 (Whatsapp)


What's our vision?

The very mission is surpassinggoogle; enabling everyanyone surpass google by working with you in creating surpassinggoogle-level crypto or no-crypto projects.

What if I can't afford a package?

Get a no-book or contact @surpassinggoogle for a custom or cheaper-than-free package.

What's our working hours?

Anytime that is convenient for you.

Why Learn From @surpassinggoogle?

I am a legitimate illiterate and I am @surpassinggoogle. I will share unconventional/untold knowledge (derived from a no-book) about crypto/NFT specific to the very person of you. With conscious, spiritual and caring intent, I will work with you in the process of developing powerful crypto/NFT projects capable of surpassing Google. (See a list of @surpassinggoogle projects)

Can all levels of literacy learn crypto?

First off, @surpassinggoogle is a legitimate illiterate!

Why learn about crypto/blockchain?

You will end up learning about crypto/blockchain if you are to continue utilizing the internet when Web2 becomes Web3